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“When I started this business, it was with one thing in mind, YOU! We all know how it feels to receive less than stellar service. My goal is, and always has been, to show you that excellent service and product still exists.”  ~Shawn

“Recently, after learning we have been in business for ten years, someone asked me a simply question that yielded a complex answer. “Why, why did you start; why do you keep going?” It all began because I, too, believe in offering the utmost client care, in doing the right thing and making a difference. The reason I keep going is for our staff who are like family, our clients who have placed their trust in us and our charities who serve Charlotte. I truly love what we do here.” ~Faith

Once upon a time in 2005…

Peak was created with the sole purpose of providing you with reliable, prompt and responsive attention. We didn’t just want to start a limo company; we wanted to innovate the chauffeured experience. What’s important to you is important to us; therefore we work diligently to ensure an easy and enjoyable experience from beginning to end. Our commitment to focused customer care is what creates our mindset and our “Driven to Drive You” attitude.

From our base in Charlotte, NC, we arrange local, nationwide an worldwide chauffeured transportation. We understand your time is valuable and that is why we provide an easy way of managing all your ground transportation needs from a single source. Our user-friendly online tools give you the ability to securely log in and manage your accounts and reservations with total control and confidence.

We specialize in anticipating your needs and that puts us ahead of the pack. In fact, that’s one ingredient in the secret to our success. Do us the honor of providing your next ride and you may just discover our whole recipe!

Relax and enjoy your ride!

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