4 Places to Warm Up With a Seasonal Drink in Charlotte

The great thing about cooler weather is that it warrants a visit to one of Charlotte’s many great coffee shops to warm up with a seasonal drink. What better way to spend an afternoon that by sitting in a coffee shop, sipping on a festive drink with great company? Here are some of our favorites.

Zada Jane’s Corner Cafe

1601 Central Avenue, Charlotte, N.C. 28205

Zada Jane’s is an excellent choice when you’re looking for something warm to drink, a sandwich for lunch, or a casual place for a first date. Not only will you be pleased with the food and drink and cheerful, prompt service, but you’ll also enjoy the fact that you’re supporting a local business. Seasonal drinks at Zada Jane’s include a pumpkin pie latte that will make your mouth water.

The cafe is also vegetarian-friendly, and they use organic, locally-sourced produce whenever possible. You can enjoy breakfast all day long, and adult beverages are served after 11 a.m.

Smelly Cat Coffeehouse

514 E. 36th Street, Charlotte, N.C. 28205

Although it has a strange, albeit memorable, name, all it takes is a single visit to Smelly Cat to get hooked. In addition to coffee shop offerings (espresso, hot chocolate, and lattes) the zany coffee shop also has a spiced apple cider that you’re going to find addictive, cold brew coffee on tap, and a variety of seasonally inspired muffins, bread, and pastries, many of which are gluten-free. Their house-roasted coffee, which is available to purchase in stores and online, can give you your Smelly Cat fix wherever you go.

Central Coffee Company

719 Louise Avenue, Charlotte, N.C. 28204
1700 Camden Road, Charlotte, N.C. 28203

When you want to warm up with a great cup of coffee and curl up to read the latest bestseller or catch up with a friend, Central Coffee Company is the place to go. Central Coffee not only brews a great cup of joe (they have cold brew on tap), but offers several seasonal syrups if you want to try something different instead of your usual. All of their delicious sweet and savory pastries are prepared in-house, and their coffee comes from Joe Van Gogh in Hillsborough, N.C.

NoDa Brewing Company

2921 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, N.C. 28206
2229 N. Davidson Street, Charlotte, N.C. 28205 (temporarily closed)

Specialty seasonal drinks aren’t just found in Charlotte’s coffee shops; they’re also found in some of the local breweries. One such place is NoDa Brewing Company. They are a small brewing company – only 15 barrels total – but their small size works in their favor. Brewers are always working to create new recipes to offer customers, and they release a new “NoDable” beer every Tuesday.

Some of these NoDable beers are so well received that they make it onto their regular menu, while others appear on a seasonal basis. Their NoDaRyeZ’d™ double rye IPA and Gordgeous™ pumpkin ale are two fall favorites. Whether you’re a craft beer enthusiast or not, you’d be wise to make it a point to stop by for their Tuesday night brew debuts.

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December 2013. However, it has since been updated to reflect the most accurate information.

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