5 Handcrafted, Made-In-Charlotte Holiday Gift Ideas

If you want to give a loved one a gift that’s extra special this holiday season, why not get something that was handcrafted by a local business right here in Charlotte? For a little inspiration, we’re sharing five of our favorite local businesses that can supply gifts for everyone on your list.

1. Cloister Honey

This natural honey company began with just two beehives in a local couple’s backyard. Now, it’s harvested from apiaries across Charlotte, and it tastes so much better than the mass-produced honey you find at the grocery store. Cloister Honey’s range of products guarantees something for every palate.

They offer several varietals of traditional raw honey, including wildflower and orange blossom; honey infused with bourbon, chipotle, and vanilla; whipped honey spreads with flavors of cocoa, cinnamon, and lavender; and decadent honey spreads.

You can purchase Cloister Honey’s “liquid bliss” online or at several shops in downtown Charlotte.


7th Street Public Market
224 East 7th Street, Charlotte, N.C. 28202

Small batch chocolate confections made with fresh, real ingredients are such a thoughtful gift. BarCHOCOLATE’s single-origin chocolates are never blended or made with flavorings or extracts. As far as their flavors go, expect the unexpected: bee pollen hazelnut praline, cherry balsamic milk chocolate ganache, and Alaskan Sitka sea salt caramel are just a few of barCHOCOLATE’s offerings. They also have an assortment of gift sets perfect for the holidays.

Visit their retail location at the 7th Street Public Market or order online.

3. Green Market Girl

Green Market Girl is the sister company of S. J. Hilger Interiors, an eco-friendly design shop in Charlotte. Founder Susan J. Hilger started Green Market Girl with the Eco Cuff: a one-of-a-kind wooden arm cuff crafted from the leftover wood remnants from her design shop’s larger projects. Each Eco Cuff is light, comfortable to wear, durable, and totally unique. Green Market Girl also offers Eco Coasters, Platters, and Canes.

You can find Green Market Girl products all over Charlotte, or shop online at their Etsy page.

4. Ella B. Candles

9517 Monroe Road, Suite C, Charlotte, N.C. 28270

Entrepreneur Julie Tassy pours her love for Charlotte into every Ella B. candle she makes. Named after iconic Charlotte neighborhoods, streets, and landmarks, each hand-poured candle is made with renewable, biodegradable pure soy ingredients, and burns longer, cleaner, and more fragrantly. Ella B. Candles come in 27 different fragrances, including two exclusive holiday scents: cinnamon and nutmeg and cranberry, mandarin and clove.

Ella B. Candles can be found at shops around Charlotte and the surrounding areas. You can also visit their retail location at 9517 Monroe Road or shop online.

5. JS Pottery

Gaston Pickers
503 East Long Avenue, Gastonia, N.C. 28054

JS Pottery has been creating hand-carved, hand-painted collectible pottery and stoneware since 1980. Jack Sexton and Grace Carr’s wheel-turned, one-of-a-kind are decorative, functional, and crafted to perfection. You can even order a custom piece of pottery modeled after your loved one.

All JS Pottery is crafted in their Stanley, N.C. studio and sold at Gaston Pickers.

A handcrafted, locally made gift is so much more thoughtful than something you picked up at a big box store. With so many made-in-Charlotte gifts to choose from, you’re sure to find something for everyone on your list.

*Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December 2013. However, it has since been updated to reflect the most accurate information.

image: Milkos via Big Stock Photo

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