Peak’s Rate Promise


Not sure what type of service to request? Take a look at our clarifications below to see what best fits your travel needs.

Transfer – point-to-point. This type of arrangement is a one-way trip.

Hourly – multiple, consecutive hours of service. The desired vehicle will stay with you for the entire duration of your booking. *Drive time may apply depending on your location and vehicle type.

Transfer Rates

       AirportLocal, Nationwide and Worldwide: Our rates vary by location. We’d prefer to give you an accurate and reliable quote, so please call for pricing or               click on the Get Quote link on the Reservations or Home page.

Hourly Rates (All hourly rates below are inclusive of gratuity and all fees but do not include drive time charges, if applicable. )

Vehicle Type Per Hour Total* Hourly Minimum Rental*
Mercedes S550 $130.15 3 hours
Lincoln Continental $89.05 2 hours
Sedan(s) $75.35 2 hours
SUV $102.75 2 hours
Cadillac Escalade $123.30 2 hours
Mercedes Sprinter Executive $137.00 3 hours
Mercedes Sprinter LIMO $164.40 3 hours (Su-Th), 4 hours (Fri-Sat)
14 Pax Van $109.60 3 hours
Mini Buses (20 to 32 pax)  $150.70 to $178.10 3 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there an * beside Per Hour Total and Hourly Minimum Rental?

A: As described above, hourly rentals mean consecutive, multiple hours. We have determined that for you to enjoy your event/occasion, you should start with at least two hours. You may say, “But wait, I need 5 hours to fully enjoy my plans.” That’s perfect, we’d love to spend more time with you too. Just take the hourly rate listed and multiply that by five (5) to get your total. *Remember, the rates listed above represent one hour of service.

Q: Are there other fees that I should know about?

A: The short answer is, yes. The long answer is that you determine what “other” fees may be added to your total. Again, everything we quote is all-inclusive but there are add-ons for service as well.

Here are a few fun options:

  • Flowers
  • Soft drinks
  • WIFI
  • Special requests
  • Concierge services
  • Event planning services
  • Corporate Security Detail

You can probably tell by now that we like to share the details with you, share our processes and be completely transparent. With that being said, there are other fees that could be assessed for any of the following reasons:

  • Wait time
  • Sanitary fees
  • Drive time (applies to larger vehicles like Sprinters and buses)
  • Extra stops (on transfers only). *more on this topic, see Resources Q&A

If you have any questions, one of our lovely staff members will be happy to help set things straight!

Q: Is there any fine print I should know about?

A: We have a few special conditions we have to mention:

  • Special wedding transfer rates may be available upon request and eligibility.
  • Hourly requests are subject to drive time depending on the service locations and type of vehicle requested.
  • Alternate hourly minimums will apply to special events & major holidays.
  • Prom bookings require a 6 hour minimum.
  • Rates and fees are subject to change without prior notice.

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